EASY TO USE... user friendly textbooks for self-study, and to assess personal knowledge and evaluate readiness for the MPJE/state licensing examination are available for FLORIDA, NEW JERSEY, NEW YORK and PENNSYLVANIA.

Each textbook is UNIQUE... there is no similar book! It's a MUST for each candidate for any of the MPJE/state licensing examinations. These books are also recommended for students enrolled in a pharmacy law course at a college of pharmacy in each state mentioned.

EACH CHAPTER in each of the textbooks relates to a different facet of law affecting the practice of pharmacy, such as controlled substances, pharmacy intern, patient counseling, prescription label, preceptor pharmacist, patient medication profiles, generic drug product substitution, pharmacy technician, expiration dating, oral/fax/written prescriptions... and much, much more!

IN ADDITION... there are questions at the end of the chapters.

THAT'S NOT ALL.. chapters in each of the textbooks contain official memoranda from the Board of Pharmacy, background articles, advisory notes pertaining to controlled substances, explanations and highlights of statutes and regulations, and other information to help the candidate for licensure understand the law as it affects the practice of pharmacy in the particular state.

AND, THERE IS MORE! A supplement is provided for each textbook which contains federal laws with commentary, questions and answers, applicable to the practice of pharmacy .

Florida textbook
46 chapters
581 pages
650 questions
New Jersey textbook
44 chapters
565 pages
539 questions
New York textbook
53 chapters
722 pages
1325 questions
Pennsylvania textbook
32 chapters
337 pages
665 questions

More questions with answers than any competitor!
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